Xquisite st cartridge

Xquisite ST cartridge

The Xquisite ST cartridge (Silver/Titanium) model features a pure silver coil carefully matched with an advanced titanium-aluminum-wood sandwich body to achieve the most delightful sound characteristics.

Pure Silver 4N; Monobloc ceramic unit, patented design;

Titanium-aluminum-wood body

The X-quisite ST cartridge is the brainchild of Micha Huber, the designer of the highly regarded Thales tangential-tracking pivoted tonearm. Following his studies in mechanical engineering, Huber worked for five years building prototypes for the finest Swiss watches. (He has also been a music teacher.) His designs are never less than innovative—HiFiction’s latest bragging rights center on a newly patented monoblock-ceramic design. The cartridge has been constructed so that the cantilever and coil body are not distinct but composed of one ceramic unit. In other words, the joint between the cantilever and coil body that you find on other cartridges has been eliminated. The company maintains that this more rigid approach permits unadulterated signal transmission from groove to cartridge. There are several versions of the X-quisite, featuring different materials that range from copper to silver to gold.

A distinguished entrant into the cartridge wars, the X-quisite offers a winning combination of refinement and suppleness. The X-quisite maintains absolute command over pitch, dynamics, and rhythm in the most intricate and delicate passages. In my view, it is well-suited for the vinyl connoisseur searching for the musical truth. The X-quisite’s unique Swiss mix of virtues means it goes a long way toward providing it.

Each Xquisite cartridge is handmade piece by piece and calibrated personally by Micha Huber.