Zesto Andros Deluxe II

Zesto Andros Deluxe II

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Design Philosophy

The Andros Deluxe II Phonostage is created by taking the very best attributes from the Andros 1.2 Phonostage and the Andros Tessera Phonostage while maintaining its unique sonic personality. We wanted the same footprint as the Andros 1.2 and many of the internal features of the Tessera.

What’s Unique?

A unique feature of the Andros Deluxe II is using the 12DW7 tubes in the output circuit. The 12DW7 tube is half a 12AX7 and half a 12AU7. We use the 12AU7 half to drive the output transformers because it has high current and low noise, thus allowing for the most frequently requested feature, a proper floating ground balanced output.

It’s Quiet, Really!

The extensive grounding scheme, the circuit design, and the steel enclosure all play a significant role in the noise reduction of the phono stage so you can hear the quietest passages in your music.

Circuit Topology

The heart of the design is the new main circuit incorporating the same large beefy MC step-up transformers as the Tèssera and an entirely new output circuit to drive the balanced output transformers. The Andros Deluxe is built with a passion for Analog, designed with 100% tube circuitry and no solid-state devices anywhere in the signal path.

Why Andros?

Andros is a Greek island and the home of George’s grandmother’s family. Andros is now the name of the Zesto phono stage family.

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