Testimonials from our clients.

We have had the pleasure to work with many sincere music lovers from all over the country. They have graced us with some words about their experience. We a proud to receive these testimonials and having them as dedicated clients.

June 29, 2024
Name: Kenny G. From Rockville, MD
Subject: Equitech 2RQ (two units)

Hi Doug,

Thank you for recommending the Equi=Tech 2RQ as the solution for my “clean” power and distribution needs.  Previously, I was using a product from a high-end manufacturer, which like most power products filters the AC power coming from the wall.  As you know, the 2RQ has a 70-pound transformer, which regenerates the power and outputs clean, balanced power.  The improvement the Equi=Tech made to the performance of my system was immediately audible.  After all, we are listening to signal combined with power; the cleaner the power, the better the signal!

Doug, I greatly appreciate the time you spent, the professionalism you displayed and the friendship you extended to me.  I never felt you were trying to make a sale; rather you were interested in helping me achieve my goals.  You truly had my best interest at heart.  Thank you.

April 24, 2024
Name: Joe in Pennsylvania
Subject: Siltech Explorer Power Cord on AppleTV

Courtesy of Doug White of The Voice That Is, I had the opportunity to demo the Siltech Explorer Series power cord with the 10A C7 connector. I used it with an Apple TV + box circa 2021 and a Panasonic 820U 4K Uktra HD Blu Ray player. Much to my surprise, the power cord made noticeable improvements to the performance of each of the units. That improvement was instantly noticeable. All viewing was on a Sony 83” A90j Master Series OLED that has been carefully calibrated. While I thought the picture may have been a tad brighter, the reduction of noise in the image was clear. The image on native 4K video was razor sharp and very natural looking. Film based material was just as impressive. I was thrilled to see discs that I thought were spectacular looked even better. On the audio side, even with Dolby Atmos, I heard a greater sense of both space, detail, body and weight. I have since added this cord to my HT system. It is well worth the price.

Joe Whip, Contributor at Audiophile Style

February 16, 2024
Name: Mike in Florida
Subject: So you think you have clean power?

A little background first. My occupation prior to retirement was that of a manufacturer’s representative for pro audio/Vidio gear in Metro New York for 43 years. When I retired my plan was to move back to my home state of Indiana. I contracted to have a small home built with a dedicated listening room. One item that was a must for this room was CLEAN AC for all the components. I chose Equi-tech’s 5kw wall unit which provided balanced power to my dedicated outlets for not only my front end gear but my amplifiers as well. This was all done in 2016. For the next 6+ years I’ve been fortunate to have auditioned many various components, but what I never had a chance to “a-b” was the Equi-tech unit. It was always there.

In 2022, I purchased a winter home in Florida where I now spend half my year. Of course, I needed tunes down here and thanks to the guidance and expertise of Doug White I assembled a Tidal Audio system that simply blows my mind each time I turn it on! But the BIG surprise came when Doug recommended the Equi-tech 2RQ stand-alone balanced power unit. Upon putting it in the system and having all components including the amp plugged into it, I was blown away with the improvement! The system completely disappeared. The warmth factor increased, less noise, and the degree of “ believability” was simply magical.

I’ve always stated that the two most important contributions one can make to a first class audio system is 1) clean power at the wall, and 2) your room acoustics. After all we’re never just listening to our speakers.


December 26, 2023
Name: Dennis in Connecticut
Subject: van den Hul Grail SE+ and Siltech 880i Phono Cable

“Doug, I still have not put on the Lyra [Etna Lambda] and the Grail is already a huge step up from the ARC (guess I should give some credit to the Siltech cable) I am getting better quality bass, a more 3-dimensional Sound Stage, increased detail on guitars and pianos, and wow the vocals!! I’m also digging that black background.”

October 19, 2023
Name: Richard in Georgia
Subject: Vimberg Amea Stands

“Good morning Doug,

The Vimberg stands were delivered yesterday.  I should not have been concerned that the stands would be flimsy. They are quite substantial. I believe the shipping label said that the package weighed 133 lbs. I guess I was thinking of my Dynaudio stands with the hollow post that requires filling with sand.

I also wanted to thank you for treating me so well, even though I did not purchase the speakers from you. I think many dealers selling six-figure speakers would have told me to “take a hike.” Hopefully, I will be able to upgrade my speakers as my budget permits and I would like to move up the Vimberg/Tidal line. I will definitely call you.

Have a great day,


October 8, 2023
Name: Al in Connecticut
Subject: Dohmann Audio Helix Two MkIII

“ Doug, I totally agree with you that the TW is a good turntable but [as you said] once I got the Döhmann dialed in, and the platform set up so that it is floating… I mean, oh my gosh – the sounds are just silky and cymbals just continue to reverberate. I mean it’s really an amazing experience. Anyway, everything is going well and I’m just thrilled with the Döhmann. It’s a beautiful piece of gear. Thanks so much!”

June 8, 2023
Name: Andy in PA
Subject: TIDAL Audio

“Hi Doug. The 45 products I mentioned in my report were all being shown for the first time. The irony is that most of them I didn’t actually hear, and many you couldn’t buy yet. Contros and Intra may be Tidal’s latest electronics but they aren’t “new” in the above sense. Both have been heard at prior shows and I’ve mentioned both in reviews, having used them in the context of my own system.
My perception is that Tidal is carving out a niche for itself that is very special and unique – extremely advanced design (without the tech being the main point of the products), expensive (yet the prices never seem arbitrarily high – there’s still a sense of value) an industry leader (that doesn’t seem monolithic.) Just like the Siltech Legends represent the “sweet spot” in that company’s product range, I feel that Tidal occupies a kind of sweet spot in the universe of top high end brands. Personally, I can say that the “pride if ownership” with my Contros and Ferios amplifiers goes way beyond anything I’ve experienced – now or any time in my audio career. And your style of promoting the gear has a lot to do with the company’s steadily growing stature.

May 10, 2023
Name: Tony in CT
Subject: TIDAL Prisma Preamp and Intra Stereo Amp

 The sound generated by the Tidal Prisma and Intra is a revelation! The Tidal speakers must be……what they deserve!

May 9, 2023
Name: Tom in NJ
Subject: TIDAL Ferios Amps

Hey Doug,

I’d like to give you a big “thanks” for my recent purchase of a pair of Tidal Ferios amplifiers. Having been a very proud owner of Tidal Agoria loudspeakers for a number of years now, I am well aware of the exceptional technology and build-quality of Tidal products. Of course, the greatest attraction has been the extraordinary sonics of the entire line. Despite being an “educated consumer”, I was just not even closely prepared for what the Ferios monoblocks have brought to my listening experience. Having used a number of great amplifiers prior to the Ferios pair’s arrival, the Tidal amps still wiped the floor with their uncanny resolution, speed, clarity and tonal color. Wow! Most of all, it’s “music” in all its glory and realism and not some really good artifact. Even as a professional in the business, Tidal never ceases to amaze me! Thanks to Jörn and the entire team and especially you for your outstanding service!

April 6, 2023
Name: Andy in PA
Subject: Siltech Cables

Hey Doug,

Good electronics force the issue of cables – a product class I’ve always taken the path of least resistance with. This was no longer an option. I heard the deficiencies of the [Famous Brand] I’d been loyal to for a couple of decades, and tried another well known brand before finally taking the recommendation of the Siltech Classic Legend cables you offered in the first place. With the Classic Legend 880 series interconnects and speaker cables, the performance of my audio system rose to a level previously unheard. Will I listen to you the next time? Probably.

March 18, 2023
Name: Charles in Maryland
Subject: Graceline L3 Cables

Hey Doug,

The cable arrived today and I put it in a couple of hours ago.  Sounded fuzzy and diffuse at 1st (which I expected – most cables and pieces of equipment do) but it is improving almost by the minute.  Promises to be something very special.  The fact that it’s balanced got rid of the bit of residual hum that I had with the RCA L2 cables.  Amazing stuff.

March 8, 2023
Name: Mark in AZ
Subject: Siltech Cables

Doug, I just hooked up the Siltech network cable. Wow! Serious improvement!

I read their write-up and wondered, how could that be? But they, and you, were right. Worth every penny, and it’s not even broken in.

Tomorrow I’II hook up the phono cable. Man, this is fun! Thank you, Doug!

February 20, 2023
Name: Carmen in NJ
Subject: Graham Tonearm

Hello Doug,

This e-mail is both an update and big thank you for having the Graham 12” Phantom III armwand available a while back when no one had one to sell. It took a while but I finally got everything mounted and set up properly. (Attached is a photo of the completed assembly on an Artisan Fidelity plinth containing a Technics SP-10R turntable.) The cartridge is the Sussurro model by SoundSmith.  The sound is unbelievable.  Take care and again, thank you.

Sincerely, Carmen M.

January 20, 2023
Name: Bryan C. in DC
Subject: Speaker Setup

Hi Doug,

Thanks for the advance to pull the speakers out of the room. I think I have about 3ft more into the room than before.  The front of the speaker is now 8 ft from the back wall. There is huge improvement in the bass, both in amount on but also focus.  Also I don’t get as much room reflection. There are still ways to go to fine tune, but at least some of the mystery is out of the picture.

January 9, 2023
Name: Geoff in CO
Subject: Grimm MU1

Good morning Doug,
Just a note of thanks again for selling me the Grimm MU1. I am enjoying it immensely and I appreciate having had the opportunity to acquire such an unfussy, easy to use and exceptional piece of gear.
I wish you and yours a fantastic 2023. Thank you again for contributing to my enjoyment of my music.

October 24, 2022
Name: Howard in CA
Subject: Graceline Cables

Doug, just sent funds to your account. You are a true GENTLEMAN. Will do business in the future. Dealer like you is very hard to find.

~ Howard C.

October 9, 2022
Name: Barry in PA
Subject: Equitech 2RQ

I was very fortunate that Doug gave me an opportunity to try the Equitech 2RQ in my system. I was skeptical as I wasn’t experiencing any audible noise problems. Power conditioning I had tried before left me unimpressed; but balanced power is altogether different, removing AC noise completely by canceling it out.

The 2QR improved every aspect of my system’s performance. Most notable were better depth of soundstage, solidity of images, and enhanced sense of presence. The improvement in digital was spectacular, resulting in a musical flow so emotionally engaging that it just draws you in.

Thanks Doug, you’ve done it again!!! – Barry

October 7, 2022
Name: Rick in MD
Subject: Equitech 2RQ

As a lifelong audiophile and music lover, I have purchased many components and assembled several systems over the years. Not until I met you did I fully appreciate the importance of synergy between the various electronic components, cables, and speakers. Your guidance and excellent product offerings resulted in me being able to assemble the audio system of my dreams. Through our long association and his understanding of my needs, we have assembled a truly first-class audio system that allows me to fully enjoy my music. Thank you!

September 27, 2022
Name: Charles in PA
Subject: TIDAL SystemAudition

As I was on my way to the airport, I stopped to check my mailbox and came across the postcard you sent me. Staring at the photo on the way to the airport, I remembered listening and having what was the best listening experience I’ve had other than being in the room of a live jazz concert. That postcard sits, propped up on my desk in the hotel I am staying at here in India, reminding me of the moment I heard a recording that felt as if it was live…

September 22, 2022
Name: Howard in California
Subject: Graceline L2 Power Cord

Doug, L2 shocked me how good it sound. After 1 hour on the amp without listen to music… just to let it settle in. I sat down and play my favorite singer Luther Vandross. After 10 minutes I know this L2 power cord is special. later I put my Dalby Meda power cord back in my amp… my system sound broken. In less than 2 minutes I put the L2 back in the amp. The magic came back. I can’t imagine how good L3 will sound.

September 13, 2022
Name: Howard in California
Subject: Black Cat TRON Cable

Doug, how can 1 digital cable make that big of improvement. Didn’t know my system can sound this good. Still trying to pick up my jaw off the floor.

July 29, 2022
Name: Geoffrey in Colorado
Subject: Grimm MU-1

Hi Doug,

Just a quick update, the Grimm MU1 arrived safely yesterday afternoon. I connected it and left in on with some music playing on repeat. For the record, its too soon in the process for it to sound this good! Just saying…

Thank you again and I appreciate the opportunity to purchase from you and wish you well.

May 18, 2022
Name: Andy in PA
Subject: Ferios Amps

Hi Doug,

I tried out a lot of loudspeakers and wanted amplifiers that would provide enough power for anything that came my way but wouldn’t come across as muscle bound and lacking in nuance. The Tidal Ferios monoblocks suited met those criteria as well as anything I’d heard at any price. And when I needed a new DAC and line stage around the same time, the Contros made perfect sense and the synergy with the amps was obvious.

July 7, 2022
Name: Howard in PA
Subject: Bricasti M3

Hi Doug,

After listening to both dac/streamers, both my wife and I prefer the Bricasti. The Exasound was very good and pleasant sounding, but the Bricasti just sounded fuller, richer, more spacious, and more detailed. Piano and cellos in particular sound more real ith the Bricasti, as does Ella Fitzgerald’s voice. With orchestral music there is just a clearer delineation of orchestral sections and a wider soundstage.

March 28, 2022
Name: Dennis in Connecticut
Subject: Stillpoints Aperature panels


I hope all is well! The StillPoints panels have made a nice improvement to the room. I am getting clearer upper registers and some really tight bass.

March 25, 2022
Name: Michael in NY
Subject: Complete TIDAL System

It’s been a pleasure, from start to finish. From all the consultation, to the white glove delivery and setup. While I’m not so naïve to recognize that you’re a salesman at heart, I never felt, through the entire process, that you prioritized the sale above my ultimate satisfaction. Benchmark customer care.

~ Michael H.

December 20, 2021
Name: Charles in Maryland
Subject: CAD GC-1

So I took my GC-1 over to a friend’s house today to try out in his system. What we noticed is that the space between instruments was “emptier” if that makes sense.

David’s wife actually noticed the difference from upstairs. You’ve got to love that.

from David

“A couple of things…after you left, Mary mentioned that she really liked the last piece we listened to, and preferred the sound the first time through (before removing the CAD GC-1) over the second time. It was apparent listening from upstairs for someone listening non-critically. Hmm…that sounds to me like permission to buy one”

November 20, 2021
Name: Charles in Maryland
Subject: CAD GC-1

“Hi Doug, … Got the CAD last night. Put it in and was amazed — seriously got 2-3 db of reduction in noise floor. In live recordings where before I could hear the audience now I know EXACTLY where each audience member is seated. Astounding Thanks again for your help. Charlie”

March 12, 2021
Name: Dave in Chicago
Subject: New Grimm MU1

“Hi Guys,

Well it’s the craziest thing. Ever since my Grimm MU1 showed-up here, all these incredible-sounding jazz groups keep showing-up in my living room and begin playing all the songs that I love. The thing is, I have no idea how they even got in here!

Best Regards! – dave

February 20, 2021
Name: Withheld by request
Subject: New Akira Speakers

” I took a big risk by buying the the Akiras during height of COVID but they are everything I had hoped for and much more. Their effortless presentation and transparent nature (i.e. speaker disappearing act) was obvious from the first note. The drivers have continued to open up and they are at 1050 hours now and they continue impress me immensely. The dispersion characteristics of the diamond drivers are exceptional and they touch my soul – particularly the way decays interact with the listener – in a very life like manner.

Coming from a top notch horn, I feel like I have all the positives attributes of that systems in terms of immediacy and natural bloom but without compromising on linearity and delicacy. I also have much more appreciation for speed and what it can do in terms of engaging a listener to the rhythm and flow of music.

The Akiras have all the harmonic richness one would want – decays are beautiful and I can easily get lost in the continuousness in music and at the same time their speed and suddenness brings out the leading edge and rhythm in music to its fullest…

Other aspects that are top notch and amazing are top to bottom coherence, the special way ambient air is portrayed by them, the way they unravel complexity in music with ease and authority in a three dimensional lifelike manner

More recently I’ve noticed the further refinement in terms of airiness which is taking vocal realism up a notch and mids are starting to have more substance to them. Anyway there is much more to add but suffice to say I’m over the moon with them. The emotional connection to the Akiras is immense… I often laugh out loud surprised by the improvements as they mature…!!”

Date: Sept. 9, 2020
Name: Armond M.
Subject: Capital Audiofest comment

Good Afternoon – I hadn’t put two and two together (story of my life) until I read your interview in the Absolute Sound. I wanted to say I thought your room at the 2019 Capital Audiofest by far had the best sound. The sound you were able to achieve at the show demonstrated your knowledge and passion for the “hobby.” This was my first audio show and I had planned to return this fall for the entire three days. I sampled the rooms from the VAC / Von Schweitkert, great sound but a sound image of a 25′ tall Roger Waters comes to mind, to a room with square raw plywood boxes that were rather squat and emitted a lot of mid bass. The Tidal Contriva’s and associated electronics were by far the highlight of the show for me. My goal has been to achieve “accurate” sound in my sound room. (I too am a musician that has done some professional studio recordings plus too many live gigs.) I visited your room twice that Saturday and was really “blown away.” It brought me back to the first time a heard true high end at the now defunct David Dean Smith (DDS) in New Haven.

Thanks for demonstrating at the show and setting a standard for how to display audio gear to achieve the best sound under difficult conditions.

Date: June 17, 2020
To: Doug White
Subject: Black Cat Mezame IC’s
Hey Mr. Doug, quick update. These Black Cats seem to be taking longer to break in than the previous pair, possibly because of their increased length (?). Anyway, they may be nearly done breaking in, not entirely sure, they keep improving. Nevertheless, they are sounding wonderful, better than any cables I’ve experienced before. What a transformative addition to my rig. Thank you! – Mark

Date: March 14, 2020
To: Doug White
Subject: Update on the Amea’s

The Amea’s just keep getting better and better. They are really glorious. Every listening session is a delight. Orchestral pieces are particularly enthralling with amazing instrument separation even within the violin section itself! The strings have that ethereal sheen and bloom you only get listening live. Oh, piano concertos are the ultimate. The piano itself is delivered with all its harmonic and tonal intensity, yet kept individually intact from the rest of the orchestra with all its own tonal colors, wow. Such resolution while maintaining timbral accuracy.

What a joy, Mr. White! No doubt, these speakers are going to create quite a buzz out there in the Internet.


Date: March 6, 2020
To: Doug White
Subject: Amea’s

The Amea’s arrived and sounding super right out-of-the-box. They disappear, deep soundstage. Bass is phenomenal. Really a complete sonic experience which has got to be hard to achieve for a smallish speaker. I imagine things will get even better as they break in. They look so cool, futuristic and high tech. You’ve got a winner here, Doug! I’ll let you know how things progress as they break in.


hello Doug, I just wanted to let you know that I truly enjoyed our phone conversation and I’m absolutely enjoying the youtube video as well. thank you for being a quality representation of black men in this love affair we call audio. you’ve inspired me by your example.
wishing you all the best, steve

“… Scot, I could not agree more. This is exactly what Doug does every time I hear his system at a show. It is detailed, revealing, but musical. So rare. So glad you guys made this further known as to this day I’ve never heard a better cone speakers/system than Doug’s. If I could afford the system I’d buy exactly what you describe below. Real high end. Real music reproduction” ~ Jonathan Howich, International Phonograph, Inc.

To paraphrase Dave Sinclair, the newest member of the team, Doug White’s system had a sound that approached perfection without being “off-putting.” For those of you who believe that ultra-high-end audio can often be too much of a good thing with all that detail and resolution, Doug offers a master class in providing the ultimate level of realism. We’re talking musical in the extreme. ~ Marc Philips, PTA

I’ve spent some time with Doug at shows. He is one of the good guys in the business and a real gentlemen. His rooms always sound fantastic. – Jazdoc

Doug did his usual great job. The Tidal/Vertere system was superb sounding in a large space with minimal use of sound treatment and a room full of people. – lasercd

Great article in the latest Stereophile!! Doug, you make me proud!
African Americans are under represented in high end audio, and you are the standard bearer for the future of great sound reproduction!! Best to you and your wife for the high standards you uphold.
Best, Joe D.

I had a chance Tuesday to stop by Doug White’s place (The Voice That Is) and heard an incredible pair of bookshelf speakers by Trenner & Friedl called the ART. These were fresh out of the box, cold as ice and sitting on a set of StillPoints on the floor (no stands) and they pumped out a huge soundstage and real world bass. I won’t talk about price but they’re very, very reasonably priced considering the rest of Doug’s inventory. I don’t want to call them a steal but I guess I just did, they punch waaaay above their weight-class. Anybody looking for smaller speaks with high-resolution, natural mids and real world, clean bass should give them a look. – Earl C. , NJ

Every time I look at these speakers and listen to them my heart melts. They are so beautiful and the sound is so amazing! I am so glad I took that step and I owe it to you! You were the one that made it happen. Thank you so very much. I owe you for life! – Jose G. , owner TIDAL Agoria speakers ~ Michigan

“I can’t tell you how wonderful you’ve been to work with – and how responsive you are. For whatever reason, the audio world is full of people who are very slow and aloof. I’ve just never understood it. The irony to me is that most people I know that can afford high-end audio are very busy people and are used to quick response – else they move on. Hence, why I don’t have Kharma’s etc. sitting in my room right now. ~ Thanks again! – Jason” , owner TIDAL Piano speakers; Preos and Impulse electronics ~ Kansas

“Thanks again Doug for coming to DC to oversee the delivery and perform the installation of my Tidal Agoria SE speakers. The speakers far exceed my expectations and raises the level of my sound to the highest I have ever experienced in my home. I am so pleased with my speakers beauty, build quality, transparency, tonal balance and 3 dimensional sound quality I realize I cannot stop here and must add the Ferios Monoblocks to my system. Let me know what my “In the Tidal Family”/price will be and the projected availability of the amplifiers. I can confirm “Tidal Builds Emotions” ~ Thanks again, Jon” ~ Washington. D.C. , owner TIDAL Agoria speakers

“Unfortunately I am not making as much time to listen to music as in the past; however, over the weekend I had the opportunity to listen to one of your music recommendations – Jessica Williams – Live at Yoshi’s. Partly due to the system and partly due to the music, I was transported to that place filled with real-life music and emotion.

Thank you for helping me build a such a wonderful audio system and I look forward to further improvements sometime in the future.

Warm regards, Rick T. , owner TIDAL Contriva speakers; Preos and Impulse Monoblocs electronics~ Maryland”


First let me again thank you for your outstanding audio demonstration at AXPONA 2015!

We were greatly impressed by your patience, attention to detail and courtesy during the demo — not to mention having an audiophile appreciation for the appropriate volume levels consistent with the musical sources.

As you will recall, we were especially struck by the amazing organ performance with the ethereal bells! If you can possibly track down the particulars on that recording, we would really appreciate it! It will be instructive to see what our respective systems can achieve with this marvelous recording as compared to the benchmark components in your exhibit.

Many thanks again, Jim

“… I have to say, first of all, that the TIDAL equipment was radically beautiful to see, and a smokin’ knockout to hear! What workmanship in both domains…a real reference standard for how things should be. Sonically, the sheer scale and dynamics of the music in this room was bloody extraordinary. The electronics might have been new to North America, but the effect was “Audio Oasis! Award material” all the way. The sound was effortless, fluid, natural, organic, and had the sort of transparency that I associate with only the finest sort of designs that I’ve encountered on this planet. Detail without edginess; dynamics without loss of control; full-frequency-range presentation without humps or valleys.”



“Like all Tidals, the G2 was very delicate, quick, and unusually spacious sounding, with pinpoint imaging. An extremely neutral, transparent, full-range loudspeaker with excellent bass extension and no added port bump, it sounded terrific on flamenco guitar and voice.”



“The system generated an gigantic soundfield. Unlike some systems, the soundstage was not artificially elevated, but nevertheless retained pinpoint imaging and sweet high frequencies. Bass was fast and taunt, avoiding both bloating and muddying up the lower midrange, resulting in superb clarity. Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite was awe inspiring, scaling well with no sense of strain. Though over-orchestrated, Nat King Cole’s When I Fall in Love demonstrated life-like male vocals with no hint of sibilance.”

Hi Doug, Just wanted to let you know that I have the Aurender up and running and I could not be more pleased. Thanks for a great transaction, it was a pleasure doing business with you.
Best regards, Ron – October 2014

You always have one of the best sounding, looking, and most comfortable rooms at the show. I do not see you listed for this years AXPONA. I hope it’s an oversight and you’ll be there.


Stereophile speaks on the Capital Audiofest 2014

“The musical presentation in Mr. White’s room was no less than a revelation to my ears. I simply have never experienced this outrageous level of audio transparency. I seldom give much of my music listening energy to imaging and soundstage, but the scale and continuity of the space projected by the Tidal Audio Agoria loudspeakers ($105,000/pair, below) was among the best I have ever experienced. The beautifully crafted Agorias were powered by the equally beautiful electronics.”

Parttimeaudiophile speaks on the Capital Audiofest 2014

“The finish on these speakers is so far past “piano black”, it makes most speakers look like they were doodled on by a kindergartener. I’ve honestly seen nothing like it, and after talking with a professional piano restoration expert, apparently not many folks have – especially not piano restoration experts. It’s unbelievable. The build quality overall is appallingly good and the attention to detail is likewise fanatical – take, for a random example, the faceplate, which is 4mm thick and counter-sunk into the fascia to a depth of 3mm. Who does this kind of thing?”

The Absolute Sound speaks on the Capital Audiofest 2014

“…notable was The Voice That Is room, which was running the splendid Tidal Audio Agoria loudspeakers–$105,000 a pair–and electronics. The sound was smooth and sophisticated and elegant…”

Audiophilia speaks on the Capital Audiofest 2014

Heading into the Tidal Audio room, I was faced with their gorgeous and large Agoria Loudspeakers. Tidal also makes electronics – the Preos Preamplifier and Impulse Amplifier. Both were singing fabulously through the Agorias. I have never heard such specific imaging and accurate timbres from so large a box speaker. Trumpeter Wynton Marsalis’ growls coming from backstage left made a significant impression. Scarily good, with razor sharp dynamics. The Agoria is a magnificent loudspeaker and it’s worth your time to seek out a dealer. Those Germans! Isn’t it enough to make the world’s best cars and win the World Cup? At, 105K, the speakers chosen as Best Sound of Show should be good. And, they were. Tidal Audio magnificent Agoria Loudspeakers have dynamics par excellence, real heft in the bass, and a wonderful soundstage, but it was the timbral accuracy and imaging that really wowed me. Sublime. The accompanying electronics, also from Tidal drove the speakers easily. So bloody sexy.”

Hello Doug, Nancy and I had a great time listening to your system. I have already acquired the CD’s “6 String Theory” and the one from the Fairfield Four. Again, Thank you for your professionalism and kindness. …Thank you Doug, your follow-up is extraordinary. Received the speakers they look and sound fantastic. Thank you for all your time, thoughtfulness and consideration. We’ll definitely do business again.
– Stan A. (April 2014) – Purchased TIDAL Piano Diacera speakers

Hello Doug, I wanted to to thank you again for getting in touch with Mike, who got in touch with Sean, who identified the precise resistor in the crossover of my ESP Harps to get them singing again! Yes, they’re up and running again. None of this would have been possible without your help.

It was also good to be able to say hello personally at AXPONA, although I realize you had your hands full at the time. It hasn’t escaped my attention that you’ve done more for me than the dealer from whom I bought the Harps, which says an awful lot about the kind of dealership you run and about you personally. I hope that TVTI will thrive, and I won’t hesitate to share my experience with others who, like me, suffer from audiophilia.

Again, you have my profound thanks.

All the best, Joe (March 2013)

“Hi Doug, You’ll find the small message I just sent to TIDAL after our last weekend time together. … So anyway, I’m still thinking about our listening session and the Tidal Speakers. I believe they are just right about music. So as I say below, this is an other goal in life to acheive. I will have to be patient but I will get there… As I said, we will stay in touch. I will book this week my tickets to the RMAF so we will see each other again this fall. Thanks again, Fabien ” (from his audition in August 2011):


I’m a french guy living in New York City and I have recently read a lot of good things about TIDAL Products. So I decided to contact Doug White to organize a listening session and I spend the last week end in Philly. What an experience ! , Obvioulsy I was very impressed by what Doug presented me (Preos + Impact + Piano Diacera). This is all about music ! But on top of that, Doug’s passionet generosity made this experience completely unforgetable. So I just wanted to express my gratitude because I believe that great products are only there because of great people. Doug is among them.

I hope to have the opportunity to own TIDAL products in the future, this is an other goal I would love to acheive, this is what makes life so interesting !

Thank you for your work and best regards, Fabien”

Here is a new post, on Audiogon, from our Piano Diacera customer about his speakers…. Thought you might like to read it..

I have had my Piano Diacera’s going on 4 days and I would like to share a short first impression.

These are the most unassuming speakers I have ever heard. They bring absolutely no attention to themselves. What I mean is these speakers totally get out of the way of the music. When listening to music they don’t just disappear, they don’t exist! It’s like they are saying “Forget about us, just listen to the music.” I have never had such unfettered access to music before. I am totally connected to every note I hear and I literally forget that I am listening to a stereo system.

I have left the speakers in the default setup, i.e., jumper arrangements. Speakers are 86 inches apart with my listening positon the same 86 inches from each speaker. I have them toed in quite a bit with the axis point about 12-18 inches behind my head. I tried different distances, closer/further, with the speakers remaining at the same 86 inches and different toe in angles. Through pure dumb luck I hit upon this, for me, ultimate setup though it might change a little after some more run in time.

“The Voice That Is” is the name of a Newtown Square, PA, retailer and when I walked into their room, I had no idea what equipment I was listening to, as it was again totally dark! (I had to set my camera’s “film speed” to a noisy 1600 to get a photo at all.) But the music playing, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Tin Pan Alley,” took me back a quarter century, when all you heard at audio shows was this cut. But it never sounded this good back then!”… “It doesn’t get much better than this.” John Atkinson – Stereophile on the Capital Audiofest – 2011

“Thank you for the most enjoyable morning and the opportunity to hear the Tidal speakers. In a word, I am “smitten”. I have now listened to the Magico V3s and the Wilson Sasha, and without a doubt, the Piano Diacera is the most realistic speaker that I have heard. Your system is outstanding and I am sure that each of the fine components contribute to the excellent sound…”

Rick T. ~ Maryland – Nov. 13, 2010

Dave (TIDAL Contriva Diacera SE / Argento Cables)

” As much as I enjoyed many of the systems I auditioned on the first day of the show, the one that seduced me the most was assembled by Doug White’s The Voice That Is of Newtown Square, PA. Powered by Vitus (pronounced VEE-toos) Audio SM-010 25W class-A monoblocks ($49,500/pair), and connected by Argento Audio FLOW power cords ($3100/2m), interconnects ($4100/m with RCAs), Master Reference interconnects ($8900/1m RCA), and Master Reference speaker cable ($24,500/2m), the dCS Puccini SACD/CD player ($17,999) with U-Clock ($4999) and Tidal Audio Piano Cera speakers ($28,400/pair in midnight black lacquer, or $36,3000 in Ebony Macassar) were producing the warmest and most beautiful midrange I had heard so far. In fact, as it turned out, it was the warmest and most seductive midrange I heard on the first two days of the show.”

Dave (TIDAL Contriva Diacera SE / Argento Cables)

” As much as I enjoyed many of the systems I auditioned on the first day of the show, the one that seduced me the most was assembled by Doug White’s The Voice That Is of Newtown Square, PA. Powered by Vitus (pronounced VEE-toos) Audio SM-010 25W class-A monoblocks ($49,500/pair), and connected by Argento Audio FLOW power cords ($3100/2m), interconnects ($4100/m with RCAs), Master Reference interconnects ($8900/1m RCA), and Master Reference speaker cable ($24,500/2m), the dCS Puccini SACD/CD player ($17,999) with U-Clock ($4999) and Tidal Audio Piano Cera speakers ($28,400/pair in midnight black lacquer, or $36,3000 in Ebony Macassar) were producing the warmest and most beautiful midrange I had heard so far. In fact, as it turned out, it was the warmest and most seductive midrange I heard on the first two days of the show.”

– Jason Victor Serinus – Stereophile Show Report on Axpona 2010

As much as I enjoyed many of the systems I auditioned on the first day of the show, the one that seduced me the most was assembled by Doug White’s The Voice That Is of Newtown Square, PA. Powered by Vitus (pronounced VEE-toos) Audio SM-010 25W class-A monoblocks ($49,500/pair), and connected by Argento Audio FLOW power cords ($3100/2m), interconnects ($4100/m with RCAs), Master Reference interconnects ($8900/1m RCA), and Master Reference speaker cable ($24,500/2m), the dCS Puccini SACD/CD player ($17,999) with U-Clock ($4999) and Tidal Audio Piano Cera speakers ($28,400/pair in midnight black lacquer, or $36,3000 in Ebony Macassar) were producing the warmest and most beautiful midrange I had heard so far. In fact, as it turned out, it was the warmest and most seductive midrange I heard on the first two days of the show.

If you want to hear a piano warm your heart, take a listen to this system. Not only is the midrange gorgeous, but the images are also maximally transparent and surrounded by air.

Exactly what is responsible for what, I have no way of knowing. Argento cabling, for example, features a carbon-reinforced dielectric and injected vibration damping material. Does that lower the noise floor and make the system far more transparent than most others I heard? Do the Vitus monoblocks create such a lush midrange, or is it the Tidal speakers, or both in tandem? All I know is that the combo had all of the high frequency extension and much of the low-frequency reach (down to 35Hz) I crave, as well as a midrange to die for. Was it a tad over-emphasized? Perhaps. But it was so musical, and so enrapturing, that I hated to say goodbye. If I have time on the final day of the show, this is one system I will definitely revisit.

– KC

“…This was a room I returned to several times as it offered true sonic relief from the audio overload experienced in many demos—it was just pure musical pleasure to listen to CDs on this equipment.” – Mike Quinn – JazzTimes Mazazine article on the RMAF

“… The system sounded very, very good. I am totally impressed with those loudspeakers”. – Joe G. / Philadelphia Area Audio Group

” … I love the sound of the Tidal speakers, backed up by a truly world class front end, amplification and cabling, I found nothing to fault. You have a very musically satisfying system, definitely the best digital sound these ears have ever heard, regardless of cost!” – Dennis P. / PAAG

The Equi=Tech High Definition Power Conditioner. I have the original model (30 months old), but this high definition iteration blew it away. This black box had a profound impact on the sound of my audio system. The “noise floor” dropped to the sub-basement! The bass was tighter and more extended and crisp. I could hear much more information across the music spectrum. The overall musical presentation was much closer to a “live” sonic performance than I experienced with the older unit. The sonic presentation drew me into the music. This improvement was across the board (turntable, CD, CD-RW, and tuner). This unit took my audio system to another level of musical enjoyment.