TIDAL Prisma Preamp Editor’s Choice Award — This preamp has been given the Editor’s Choice award from Parttimeaudiophile. Read the great review of the TIDAL Prisma preamp by Dave McNair here.

“With the TIDAL Audio Prisma in my system, and digital sources feeding the Berkeley DAC, the sound was absolutely free of even the smallest amount of glare or glassiness. Any and all annoying extraneous texture – no matter how minute was magically buffed off of the music.

All this smoove and expensive-sounding liquidity is coupled to a sense of detail and resolution of the tiniest fragments of sonic info (both tonal and dynamic). That kind of super-smooth yet mega-detailed sound is a very powerful drug to those of us that fall prey to its grip.

The low end seemed more solid and deeper than I’m used to. The midrange was fleshed out and with a clear, open top end, but that seems like such a pedestrian way to try and describe this thing. When I listened to music through the TIDAL Audio Prisma I was too distracted gettin’ my groove on to notice stuff like frequencies. In other areas like imaging and sense of dynamic performance, it was the same story. Terms that I would typically use to describe the sound of a piece of gear didn’t seem to apply. Stereo cues contained in a recording seemed to be portrayed by the Prisma in a truthful way without feeling like some kind of hyped, 3D trickery.

Music simply issues forth out of this magic, big knob creature with the least impediment to aural bliss. It’s like how I would imagine it being with some futuristic neural implant for receiving tunes directly into my brain.”