The TIDAL Prisma receives the Summit Award from Scot Hull of Parttimeaudiophile. Read the details at the bottom of the review by Dave McNair here.

“To answer my original musings about cleanliness and listening enjoyment, I’ll say this: YES, ultra-clean as exhibited by the TIDAL Audio Prisma preamplifier IS massively engaging to my ear.

Would I rather hear my two-channel playback with some additional flavor? It depends. All components add something to the recording. Some add something pleasing. Some add something not so pleasing. I’ve heard some gear that had no discernible amount of distortion but seemed to be subtracting something enjoyable from the sound. Dry? Clinical? Overdamped?

Then there are those rare components that seem colorless but phenomenally pleasing in how a recording is presented. Clean but not antiseptic. As an avowed vacuum tube and vinyl lover, the TIDAL Audio Prisma never came across as dry or clinical. Suppose an almost unmeasurable departure from perfect linearity is the design goal for achieving the most emotionally engaging listening enjoyment from a hi-fi component. In that case, the TIDAL Audio Prisma achieves that goal with the swag of Nate Robinson in an NBA slam dunk competition. Plus, it looks gorgeous. And it’s built to last a lifetime. “

TIDAL Prisma Receives Summit Award. Why? Because it is clear.