Many of our clients look have asked us for advice on the best tonearms for their turntables. With hundreds of products on the market, we wanted to be selective with which products to offer. The standards would remain the same – high sonic performance, excellent build quality, and great value among its peers.

While the turntable itself is an extremely important foundation of any analog system, and the multitude of cartridges available for the asking, the importance of the tonearm is often overlooked. We feel that a great tonearm can elevate less expensive cartridges to stunning performers. The ability to fine-tune a vinyl playback system is part of what makes it possible to combine archaic technology with modern thinking and materials to create musical magic and take listeners to new heights of ecstatic musical pleasure.

We carry the best tonearms from Acoustical Systems, Graham Engineering, Kuzma, PrimaryControl, Reed, and Thales. These reference solutions will perform in a stellar fashion when married to the right table and cartridge – leaving those choices to the individual’s fancy.