Many of our clients look have asked us for advice in an analog solution. With hundreds of products on the market, we wanted to be selective with which products to offer. The standards would remain the same – high sonic performance, excellent build quality, and great value among its peers.

While the turntable itself is an extremely important foundation of any analog system, and the multitude of cartridges available for the asking, the importance of the tonearm is often overlooked. We feel that a great tonearm can elevate less expensive cartridges to stunning performers.

We offer several additional reference tonearms that will perform in stellar fashion when married to the right table and cartridge – leaving those choices to the individual’s fancy.

  • Acoustical Systems Axiom 12
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  • Grahaam Engineering Phantom Elite Tonearm
  • Reed 5T Tonearm
  • Reed 5A Tonearm
  • Reed 3P Tonearm
  • Reed 2G Tonearm
  • Reed 1X Tonearm
  • Thales Simplicity II Tonearm
  • The THALES STATEMENT confirms again the unchallenged reference status of analogue music reproduction. It proves experience, thorough reflection, and careful craftwork to be able to achieve considerable progress in sound quality with this 130-year-old technology even today. In order to surpass their in-house reference products they had to combine tried and tested solutions with completely fresh approaches. The THALES STATEMENT comes with an integrated mechanism and a scale for fine adjustment of VTA and azimuth, allowing precise angular alignment of the cartridge. The support of the tonearm lift, coupled directly with its lever, works by a high reduction ratio so that the needle may be lowered in a perfectly controlled manner. Options for tonearm wiring are either an integrated 5-pin-DIN-connector or direct wiring to the amplifier. Five different counterweights allow the use of cartridges weighing 7 to 20 grams.