TVTI Live Event / The Voice That Is: An Afternoon with Bricasti Design, Zesto Audio, and John Marks

This is what Hans said about our TVTI Live Event. “I’ve been to a couple of dealer events over the years, and they’re all pretty similar. There are free snacks and usually alcohol. Two or three rooms might be set up for group listening, with a couple of talking heads — sales guys or someone of note from the manufacturer — giving a brief spiel, before talking through several pieces of well-trodden jazz music. Questions are encouraged, with brief answers the norm.

At the turn of the millennium, that would have been enough to motivate a few wallets to open and some hard plastic to be swiped. Nearly 20 years later, though, this sales pitch isn’t enough. Consumers are savvier yet flightier, with service seeming to count for less and less. Now it’s all about tire kicking and where to get the lowest price, with the human connection — and perhaps even the musical connection — getting lost in the process.” Hans Wetzel / Senior Editor, SoundStage!

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