The Vertere MG-1 turntable – Taking vinyl replay beyond what’s possible in this turntable class, the MG-1 MkII Magic Groove record player includes and shares critical design elements of the SG-1 Player.

Record Player MG-1 MkII Magic Groove offers remarkable performance bettered only by Vertere’s RG-1 Reference Groove and SG-1 Standard Groove. As with all Vertere turntables, every part is custom-built and created using the optimum materials and highest precision standards.

And the MG-1 with matching SG-1 tonearm and Motor Drive is a delight. Even in its standard form, with D-Fi tonearm cable and motor drive cable, the MG-1 performance is only bettered by the SG-1. However, the upgradability built into this class-leading record player elevates its performance, step by step, closer to the SG-1. Upgrade the tonearm and motor drive cables from D-Fi to Pulse-B, to Pulse-R, and to Pulse-HB, to realize the true potential of the MG-1. Every step will provide an unparalleled musical experience and enjoyment achievable from a Vertere record player.

Stylish and beautifully crafted with attention to the finest details, this record player is a must-have and one that lovers of music on vinyl will cherish.

Here’s an excellent review by Dave McNair of the MG-1 on“I can say now that the Vertere Acoustics MG-1 turntable and SG-1 tonearm were a complete joy for playing records.” Check out the review here.