In our gallery, we hope that offering these photos, videos, and playlists, will give you a glimpse of TVTI’s activities, the amazing performance of the products we carry, and samples of the music we enjoy.

Most of the videos were taken in difficult show environments with handheld cameras and even an iPhone. People have said that, even through computer speakers, the sonic abilities are apparent. Click on the center to watch them on the page. Note: Make the video full-screen by clicking the open square icon in the lower right corner of the video. You can also click on the YouTube link to watch it there.

The photos will give you a close up look and some products, our trade show rooms, even shots of famous musicians and industry professionals.

Our tastes in music is varied and the playlists will take you on a sonic journey with recording artists near and dear to our hearts. We feel that Qobuz offers the best sonic opportunity to stream their music.

Don’t have Qobuz? Get it here.

Take your time and come back option. We hope you enjoy them.