Dohmann Audio helix two MkIII

Dohmann Audio Helix TWO Mk3

The Dohmann Audio Helix Two Mk3 incorporates the Döhmann Audio technologies into a smaller footprint with a single tonearm facility and is engineered to deliver unparalleled performance in analog playback. It is the result of many years of research, development, collaboration, and listening by internationally acclaimed analog designer Mark Döhmann and his team.

This approach is at the heart of what differentiates Döhmann Audio from other turntable manufacturers. Mark Döhmann looked at other industries that had similar challenges and investigated how they solved them. By investigating the research and solutions employed within other challenging environments and industries, Döhmann Audio has been able to develop new innovations and technologies that have never been applied to audio before, and the results are exceptional.


Another important philosophy of the company is ‘evolution’. In a similar approach to Porsche with their iconic 911 sports car, the best results are achieved by creating a great design in the first instance that is based on solid scientific principles and research, then continuing to test, measure, change, and make incremental improvements as they become available. This way of developing and perfecting a design can be heard immediately when experiencing a Döhmann turntable, and the turntables have been designed in a way where all previous versions can be upgraded to the current specification.

Designing the new Helix Two Mk3 had an objective in mind to create a reference turntable system that incorporates all of the Dohmann technologies in a compact footprint. To achieve this, Döhmann Audio has incorporated some unique design features and technologies. By including a fully integrated MinusK vibration isolation system utilizing NSM technology, a mechanical crossover network was designed to dissipate mid and high-frequency vibrations. A floating arm-board, and a custom-designed Swiss-manufactured motor, were also designed to Döhmann Audio’s specifications. It was specifically designed to create resonance dissipation pathways within the chassis. A separate box contains the external power supply and power filtration circuitry.

Helix MkIII Upgrades:

New Advanced Composite Bearing, DC Power Supply, and Drive System

Improved Platter Design

New RSA resonance control technology, Advanced Composite Armboard (ACA), and Record Clamp with RSA Resonance Control

About the Helix Two Mk3’s sound.

Amazing is the Dohmann Audio Helix Two Mk3 sound. It is immediately recognized for its purity and realism. It is designed to operate flawlessly in non-ideal environments such as older houses with wooden floors, upper floors, and attics where external vibrations are carried through buildings – even those made from concrete, steel, and brick. Due to its revolutionary vibration isolation system, it is also not dependent on a high-quality audiophile stand. The design has made it possible to incorporate a level of engineering previously not possible at this price point, and as a result, the Helix Two Mk3 is considered to be of outstanding value. The more compact dimensions allow it to be used in smaller spaces and standard-sized stands.

Their list of innovations and unique technologies is extensive however, it is greater than the sum of its features. It is a highly engineered precision instrument that serves as a perfect platform for the music to emerge and engage the listener emotionally. Musical information is released from the grooves of a vinyl record with energy and soul.

Often chosen by discerning audiophiles around the world as their reference analog system, as well as being the turntable of choice for many high-end brands exhibiting in major international hi-fi shows, the Helix Two Mk3 simply allows the music to flow and the full potential of the system to be achieved.


State-of-the-art custom-designed Swiss-manufactured motor

Push button Speed Adjust

Separate external advanced DC power supply

Micro Signal Architecture© (MSA)

Negative Stiffness Mechanism Vibration Isolation (NSM)

Mechanical Crossover Technology (MCT)

Tri-Modal Platter system (TMP)

Edge Damping Ring (EDR)

Tonearm Damping System (TDS)

Resonance Tuned Suspension (RTS)

Diamond Like Coating Amorphous Material Bearing Friction Modifier (DLC)

High Torque Adjustable Drive (HTAD)

RSA resonance control technology

Advanced Composite Armboard (ACA) using custom ballistics grade energy-absorbing technology

Record Clamp with RSA resonance control technology

Facility for one tonearm

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Made in Australia